TelecomsXChange (TCXC) is a unique and innovative open trading platform that offers a revolutionary solution for buyers and suppliers in the global telecom industry. Our platform is designed to connect buyers and suppliers directly, without any interference, while providing objective intelligence gathering and performance monitoring that is transparently captured and published. This unique feature sets us apart from other platforms that interfere with the trading process and may not provide an open and transparent marketplace.

Our platform provides tools for both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions that are risk-free, which encourages more carriers and service providers to trade on our marketplace. The platform allows buyers to access a wide range of carriers and service providers for voice, SMS, and Virtual numbers. The sellers can access an extensive network of buyers and customers globally, which can result in a better ROI.

One of the critical features of the TCXC platform is our Review & Ratings system that challenges our sellers to maintain quality and provide the best value in their routes. Our proprietary technology uses complicated algorithms for QoS measurements to determine the ratings of our trusted sellers. This system ensures that buyers can purchase with confidence when the profile of our trusted sellers reflects long-term historical statistics of their performance.

Another benefit of the TCXC platform is the direct messaging engine between buyers and sellers, which provides unbeatable support speed. This feature enables buyers to negotiate directly with the seller for better rates, quality, and/or service. This feature sets us apart from other platforms, as it creates a streamlined process that reduces the time spent in negotiations, and improves customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to create a transparent platform that builds a central database for businesses and governments worldwide to view the history of rates and focus on building a healthier market for the global telecom industry. This mission reflects our dedication to providing the most advanced and efficient solution to help wholesale businesses thrive in the digital age.

We are proud of our D&B Number (DUNS) of 07-971-4461 and an FCC License of ITC-214-20150519-00126, which confirms our commitment to providing a reliable and trustworthy platform. Additionally, our status page can be found at, and our Github Repo is available at We believe that the TCXC platform offers a game-changing solution that will transform the global telecom industry and we invite you to join our platform to take advantage of its benefits.