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Interconnect with Viber and send phone calls in minutes..

TelecomsXChange is an open trading platform for Voice Carriers, Call centers, Contact-centers and communications developers that simplifies the process of getting the lowest rates from carriers without having to directly interconnect. Thats right we do not commission or make any profit on the minutes exchanged between you and the seller, thats why we keep all information about buyers and sellers open between members to allow full visibility.

In this quick step guide we demonstrate how to interconnect and start sending calls to Viber network very quickly.

Before you start you must have a Buyer Account  on TelecomsXChange, 

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Once you have signed up you can follow below steps:

How to interconnect with Viber

  • Login as a buyer to TelecomsXChange Buyer account control panel
  • Click on Market View
  • Enter prefix for the country you want to purchase e.g 995 & In the seller field enter "Viber".
  • Click search and wait for results to show up. 
  • Click on the + sign to purchase route

  • Finally -  Click Confirm purchase

P.S: Check your e-mail inbox for the technical instructions to buy the route to setup your PBX or Softswitch to send the calls

ENJOY ! Start sending traffic to Viber.

TelecomsXChange automatically converts SIP packets to be Viber compatible, Point your traffic to TelecomsXChange IP address via SIP protocol via port 5060, There is no additional configuration or parameters required to be adjusted from your side. 

If your a developer and would like to send traffic to Viber from your application, i recommend you checkout our HTTP API Guide which demonstrate how to use the TCXC Voice API for this.

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