Tata Communications Limited is a telecommunications company based in Mumbai, India that has a global presence. The company operates a submarine cable network, a Tier 1 IP network, and also offers data center and co-location space for rent. Interconnecting with Tata Communications through the TelecomsXChange platform is a simple process that can be completed in just 10 seconds for existing TCXC members, compared to the typical 12-month process of interconnecting directly with the carrier. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use TelecomsXChange to interconnect with Tata Communications:

  1. Login to your TCXC buyer control panel.
  2. Click on Market View
  3. Type "TATA" in the seller's field 

4- Click on the purchase Route icon.

5- E-mail notification will be sent to you confirming the technical details of how you should configure the trunk on your side to start making calls.

Finallu, configure the vendor on your SIP server with the e-mail notification tech details to finish the setup

For more details please contact our support helpdesk:

URL: https://telecomsxchange.freshdesk.com

E-mail: support@telecomsxchange.com

Twitter: @telecomsxchange