Tata Communications Limited is an Indian telecommunications company with global presence and based in Mumbai. It owns a submarine cable network, a Tier 1 IP network, and also rents data center and co-location space.

TelecomsXChange have made it very simple for you to interconnect with Tier1 Carriers through TelecomsXChange Platform, The process takes about 10 secs if you are already a TCXC member vs. at least 12 months to get the process done and finally interconnect with this carrier.

See below Step by Step guide on how to interconnect with TATA through TelecomsXChange:

  1. Login to your telecomsxchange buyer control panel.
  2. Click on Market View
  3. Type "TATA" in the seller's field 

4- Click on the purchase Route icon.

5- E-mail notification will be sent to you confirming how to send the calls

Configure the vendor on your softswitch with the e-mail notification tech details.

This is it ! You can now utilize Tier1 carrier routes without any additional efforts or paper work.

For more details please contact our support helpdesk:

URL: https://telecomsxchange.freshdesk.com

E-mail: support@telecomsxchange.com

Twitter: @telecomsxchange

Website: www.telecomsxchange.com