Softswitch is a components that is needed in all networks for wholesale brokers, agents and resellers of wholesale voip traffic, its been this way for over 10 years already and margins are getting lower and lower and prices to keep network operational is increasing, maintaining backups, security and fighting against attacks taking all your time, TelecomsXChange is designed to be OPEN which means Buyers and Sellers names reveled during any exchange transaction, however we do provide Private Exchange technology which allows you to use the switching and billing resources based on usage, when an opportunity comes up you can add the seller (vendor) and buyer and route their calls, TCXC provides you with daily CDRs and STATS file direct in your e-mail inbox without any complications, you may bill your customers directly with the rate you see suitable.

Agents and brokers may use the below resources at anytime:

  • Routing Engine: Allows you to connect Customer A ---> Vendor B
  • Rating Engine: Allows you to bill and rate your customer Vendor Cost + % margin
  • Authentication Engine: Add/Remove your Customer IP address(s)
  • Market Search: Search TCXC market database and find new opportunities and increase your opportunities 

We continue to add more tools and services for agents to take advantage off and host their opportunities on TCXC, if you have any questions or feature which like to be added that will bring more carriers on board please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to work on it with high priority.