Change log in V.2.2:

  • Payment History now shows the Notes field in addition to Amount, Date, Payment Type.
  • Seller Minimum Requirements has been added to provide Sellers the ability to only force retail traffic with minimum ASR/ACD, TCXC will block traffic/account that violates this agreement automatically
  • Buyer now has to agree to seller terms before purchasing a route
  • More backend security has been added
  • Viber Interconnection improvements (Expect Better ASR/ACD on Viber Routes)
  • TCXC (TelecomsXChange) reaches 80+ Sellers.
  • TCXC E-Blasting massaging service allows seller to send a blast massage to all Buyers/Sellers on the platform within a click.
  • Multiple Backend improvements to speed, security
  • Buyer's Dashboard now shows recent vendors/sellers on the platform
  • Help Icon has been added to multiple pages to allow instant bug reporting or opening a TT with take screenshot functionality

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