Scenarios that can cause account suspension:

- Send large number of Junk calls to provider.

- Dialer Traffic

- Premium numbers traffic

- Ascade type of traffic.

- Hack attempts

- Providing invalid company information

- U.S based companies not filling all required information

- Cross Site Scripting

- SQL Injection

- Too many login attempts

- Accessing from different geographical locations

Your account logs will be monitored closely for a period of time to make sure of normal account behavior.

NOTE:  TCXC is an open trading platform built and designed to serve you and give you access to 100+ carriers with 0.00 commission on rates or markups, TCXC reports any fraud activities to both BBB and F.B.I.

* All IP-Addresses, Mac Addresses actions are monitored closely 24x7 and will be instantly blocked by our firewalls upon detecting fraud *

To report fraud activity please contact us here