Quickcom introduces worldwide innovative voice and advanced real time communication services over the public internet. Quickcom
was established in 2006 at China mainland, registered in Hong Kong and got the OFTA license in 2009. We have more than 643
venders and 578 clients all over the world. Quickcom is the biggest voice wholesaler here in China Mainland, except tier 1 company.
Currently, we have 119 people, which all focus on our voice wholesale and retail business. Today our services enable our customers to
meet the rigorous demands of end users, opening the door to the efficiencies of converged voice and data network. Catch us
Easy way Service Advantage line

Business Description
Quickcom is an international wholesales carrier with points of interconnection in Hong Kong, China Mainland. We are expanding our
network globally.
By maintaining a high level of professionalism and flexibility we have acquired our leading industry position, earning a reputation for
responsiveness and reliability.

With the efforts of our professional colleagues and the well-organized operation. Quickcom is experiencing a healthy growth in this

  1. Login as a buyer to TCXC Control panel, Don't have an account ? Sign up here.
  2. Go to Market View
  3. Enter prefix for the country you want to purchase
  4. Locate Seller Quickcom Global
  5. Click on the + sign to purchase route
  6. Check your e-mail inbox for the technical instructions to buy the route
  7. Start sending traffic to Quickcom.

For more details please contact our support helpdesk:

URL: https://telecomsxchange.freshdesk.com

E-mail: support@telecomsxchange.com

Twitter: @telecomsxchange

Website: www.telecomsxchange.com