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TelecomsXChange is introducing Private Route Exchange tool for all new and existing members, This feature can act as a full replacement to a softswitch, saving members additional thousands of dollars a year.

Currently a large number of voip service providers use a wholesale softswitch to sell a route on the market, The route provider uses a softswitch hosted in the cloud in order to be able to authenticate route buyers and manage routing and billing within the softswitch.

TelecomsXChange current functionality covers most of the technical functionality that any softswitch has to offer, except there was no ability to sell a route a different prices to different buyers based on volume, size etc.. , with the Private Route Exchange tool TCXC member has the power to offer different rates to different buyers all in once place, with this tool being in place everything from route publishing, marketing, rate notification handling and money collection is available within TCXC, see below more details on how this new wonderful feature will work.

The feature with "Private Routes Exchange" will look like this and include following changes:

  • there will be a checkbox "private" that can be set on new or existing route.
  • if a user checks "private" checkbox and saves for existing route, all sellers who have it purchasedm, would be auto added to the "private list".
  • if the route is "private" seller can edit the list of buyers, for whom the route is available. When buyer is added to the list he would receive an emaikl with route list attached, but he would not auto purchase it. Buyer will purchase the route later on his own.
  • If seller removes buyer from "private list", buyers record in purchase routes for this route, also gets auto deleted.
  • Market View will support this feature so that only allowed buyers will see the routes available for them. Other users will not see this route and thus not able to purchase it. 

Purchase route will also check the ACL during the purchase also ( just for security reasons to make sure it is not possible through web at all).

  1. Login to seller control panel >> Routes >> Add New Route >> Proceed to new route properties >> Check the Private Exchange Check box >> update settings.

        2. Once your done with step one, you will notice a new table at the bottom [ PRIVATE EXCHANGE BUYERS], Search for Buyer Name >> Click Allow.

     3. Buyer E-mail Notification : Once you have allowed the Buyer to use the route in a Private Exchange Mode, the Buyer will receive and official e-mail notification offering them the route/rates, the Buyer then logins to the Market view to purchase this route.

NOTE: this route will be only shown in Market view for logged in buyers that are in the allowed list.

Video demonstrating this feature is coming soon...

For more information regarding this feature, please contact .