KDDI Global + TelecomsXchange

KDDI is a great carrier for you as they have more than 100 direct interconnections with in country PTTs worldwide, due to the volume and prepayment discounts KDDI

got from its partners, they could pass some the savings to customers as well.

KDDI Is now available for all existing and new members via market view.

KDDI Platinum:

Offers top of the line quality on worldwide termination via bilateral, direct routes and carefully selected suppliers. All of this backed by unsurpassed customer service.

This product is designed for Tier 1 Mobile Carriers, Cable Companies, Over the Top providers, hosted voice suppliers, and other operators that need to meet the retail subscriber’s high quality and advanced feature requirements (CLI, DTMF, etc.)

Key benefits:

  • Top quality, unsurpassed reliability and advanced features
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Global coverage

KDDI Gold:

Offers an optimal balance between cost and quality on an extensive range of countries across all continents. This product is designed for retail carriers focused on serving ethnic groups. CLI is supported in specific markets where it is standard.

Key benefits:

  • High quality & reliability
  • Highly competitive pricing on ethnic and emerging markets
  • Industry leading customer service

To interconnect with KDDI via TelecomsXChange please do the usual:

1- Login with your TCXC Buyer account credentials.

2- Click on Market View

3- In Seller field type "KDDI".

4- Click on the + icon to purchase the route(s).

Note: when you purchase one code you're automatically purchasing the whole division routes.

For more details please contact our support helpdesk:



Twitter: @telecomsxchange