SIP response 500 "Internal Server Error

If you are getting this above error when sending to any seller on TelecomsXChange it's most probably for the following reasons below:

1- You have not purchased the seller/route properly for the account you're originating the call from.

2- Not Enough Balance in the account you're originationing the call from.

3- Prefix is forbidden to the destination your calling on this carrier, 

S1: If you have more than 1 IP-Address in the accounts page make sure the you repurchase the routes for each new account separately.

S2: If there is no balance make sure you top-up your account and the calls should pass normally again after the account has been recharged.

S3: if the rate has been forbidden by Seller make sure you do not send to this prefix to avoid this error.

If none of the above solutions solved your problem please let us know immediately.