Market View Look up via SMS new 


TelecomsXChange continues to innovate, now you can query telecomsxchange market database for termination providers within your target price range. enough said, test it your self now.

1- SMS +1954-246-3356  with your query, e.g sms body below:


You can write something like 8801 between 0.01 and 0.05 in the SMS body.

2- Wait a few seconds to get the results, e.g results are sent back to you via SMS as well:


SMS reply with results from TelecomsXChange Market View will look something like this below:


NOTE: If you don't receive the reply, please note that your SMS carrier might be manipulating or sending incorrect CLI to USA, you can contact us for more information and we will help finding you a local number to help resolve this issue for you.

We are committed to add more functionality to the SMS communication between you and your TelecomsXChange account, some more cool commands are coming soon that allows you to do more than just querying the market view.

We hop you like this new way of communication with your TCXC account.