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MarketView Zoom

Since the inception of TelecomsXChange we had a vision that the wholesale voice market needed to stop being disorganized and defragmented, recording every rate change, billed/failed call and quality benchmarks is a very challenging task, at the same time keep the data OPEN and public for telecom carriers to analyze and make the right investments decisions and regulations. Unfortunately no one has stepped up to create a fully automated, robust and data rich platform for all carriers, aggregators and other market makers. trust me we waited for a long time but it wasn't done. so we decided to work long hours and take the challenge of building it. 

TelecomsXChange Market Zoom is the first VoIP (Voice Over IP) and Telecommunications  to give real-time up to date and accurate data for the international Voice Termination prices. What this means to the Telecom World that it  will make a significant change for Market makers (Voice Traffic Buyers/Sellers) and it won't be long before they realize that it was unbelievable doing business without it for the past 20 years. This data has never been centralized in one place ever before. no one could tell the market prices (High/Low) accurately  for the CLI, TDM, GREY markets to a specific destination- network. 

The TelecomsXChange  MarketView Zoom data will empower the telecommunication industry with the below highlighted improvements:

  • Accurate realtime data to market high/low rate per country/network operator
  • Get Country/Networks rate change history throughout the year, helps with making better investment decisions in countries
  • Get accurate/updated data about route quality benchmarks (ASR/ACD) per provider, based on actual traffic sent to them
  • Increase company profits by making quick market rate change decisions 
  • Decrease trouble tickets and quality issues that are faced by routing traffic to new routes
  • And much more.. 

1- Search by Prefix or Country and Description and Route Type (CLI, TDM, NoCLI, All )


2- The First Graph (Price Current Low and Current High)


As you can see in the above graph TelecomsXChange displays the Highest Rate offered by a seller and the Lowest price offered by a seller to this country, We only display current high and current low of rates that terminated at least 1 minute in the recorded period.

P.S: use your mouse to drill down to High and Low Rates on specific dates as you would normally do on a stock market graph.

3- Other Graphs 


  • Daily Minutes: Displays the total amount of terminated (billed) minutes on the requested country-network.

  • Failed Calls (Pending calls): The amount of calls that were not terminated due to Capacity issues, other errors like User-busy or Bad numbers are excluded from the failed calls graph.

  • Total Calls: Successful + Failed Calls (Totals)

  • Total ASR%: Total Daily ASR for the requested country-network

  • Total ACD%: Total Daily ACD for the requested country-network

3- Summarized results (Which seller is winning which traffic on what rate):


The above table will show you the amount of traffic terminated on each Rate + seller name (its hidden for the sake of the article) , The stats (ASR/ACD) and Rate change % (if there is an increase/decrease recorded)