Sneak peek into the Telecommunication future.

TelecomsXChange Platform provides OTT App providers with a new way to Send and Receive calls from other OTT App users, Now you can provide connectivity to other users which are connected/registered to other OTT networks leaving the PSTN network as the last choice.

Example Use Case:

Lets say WhatsApp has over 1 Billion users on their network while Viber has 400 Million users, The difference is 600 Million users that are not Dialable from Viber-Viber (Free Calling), the way the Viber users have to go to dial a number not currently registered on their network is via PSTN termination which is fine but usually expensive on the users. The solution to this problem will be trying to check if the number is available on WhatsAPP or other OTT apps like WeCHAT before it finally routes the call to the PSTN.

In this case WhatsAPP can charge Viber $0.0001 (example) for this incoming call and Vice Versa.

TelecomsXChange has focused on building the right tools and technologies to provide easy on boarding process for OTT apps providers to provide the world largest connectivity hub for OTT users or OTT App providers such as (Viber, WeChat, WhatsAPP and many others).

The tools available include SIP connectivity , Billing and Settlements between OTT providers and Fast Payout methods along with complete transparency and visibility between OTT Apps. TelecomsXChange also allows third party VoIP providers to route calls to OTT App Networks for least cost termination. 

TelecomsXChange doesn't commission on the minutes sent/received between OTT apps. it only charges a monthly subscription starting from $49.95/mo .

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