About Orange wholesale:

Orange’s International Carriers activity is based on a major longdistance network infrastructure and offers a broad range of solutions on the international market.

Its presence in both the retail and wholesale markets means it can develop wholesale solutions that are particularly well adapted to the needs of the retail operators. Orange has more than 1,000 customers, which include fixed-line and mobile operators and Internet access, content and OTT providers.

The Orange group is unique in that it is very involved in the design, construction and operation of submarine cables. With its ownership or co-ownership of several submarine cable systems, the Group ranks among the world’s largest owners of submarine lines. This has enabled it to satisfy the increase in transatlantic traffic.

How to interconnect with Orange in minutes ?

  1. Login as a buyer to TelecomsXChange Buyer control panel, If you don't have an account ? Sign up here.

  2. Click on Market View tab.

  3. Enter prefix for the country you want to purchase

  4. Locate Seller Orange Global

  5. Click on the + sign to purchase route

  6. Check your e-mail inbox for the technical instructions to buy the route

  7. Start sending traffic to Orange Wholesale network.

For more details please contact our support helpdesk:

URL: https://telecomsxchange.freshdesk.com

E-mail: support@telecomsxchange.com

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