This is a quick guide of what you need to setup a call center:

  1. Calculate how many agents (employees) you will start with? 
  2. Get a fast internet connection, the faster the better i would say for 30 agents, you need 10++ Mbps line for good quality
  3. For making/receiving  the calls you can do it via IP-Phone (e.g Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys) or Softphone (Eyebeam, Zopier) of your choice. i recommend software for easier management and quick expansion.
  4. If you want to receive calls on international numbers, then you need to buy Phone numbers from DIDWW, or Voxbone .
  5. If you want to only make outbound calls to numbers and receive calls back to your office number, you just need an outgoing SIP trunk provider such as: which offers the best/lowest rates possible for making outbound calls to any destination in the world.

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