Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking Made Simple !

Stop wasting time trying to figure out the Twilio Elastic SIP trunking documentation, In the below steps we promise that you will start termination to the PSTN before you finish your cup of coffee.

TelecomsXChange allows you to interconnect with Twilio Elastic SIP trunking in minutes. straight forward configuration, add your IP, Purchase route and START !

All it takes to start sending calls from your existing infrastructure to the PSTN network  is to simply sign up for a TelecomsXChange [Buyer Account] Sign up here if you don't already have an account.


  1. Login to your Buyer Account.
  2. Click on Accounts tab
  3. Click Add New IP
  4. Enter your IP-PBX IP-Address (Only SIP Protocol is supported)
  5. Go to Market View
  6. In the SELLER Field, Type Twilio and Click Search
  7. Rates will be loaded on the next page with Twilio Elastic SIP trunking Rates (This what you will be charged when sending calls)
  8. Click on the Purchase Route Icon (+)
  9. Confirm Route Purchase

Once you have done the above steps, you wll receive an email with all rates (A-z Rates that Twilio Elastic SIP trunking will cost you) when sending calls to the PSTN and the IP-Address (Usually ) and the Tech Prefix you need to send the calls with, e.g Tech Prefix: 32123#  .

Point your traffic to IP ( and Tech Prefix (32123#).

Enjoy Twilio's Super Network with the simplicity of TelecomsXChange platform.

For any questions on getting started, please email us at and we will guide you through the process.

Note: TelecomsXChange guarantees to point your traffic to Twilio, we will only do the signaling and the media flow will go directly between you and twilio platform.