Interconnect your Sippy Softswitch to hundreds of carriers

interconnecting with multiple carriers is a time consuming task, TelecomsXChange provides you a single platform to interconnect with many carriers at once including IDT, Airtel, TATA, IBASIS, Viber, IDT, Bhaoo and many more..

This guide we explain to you how to connect your Sippy Softswitch with TelecomsXChange pretty quickly.

  1. Login with your TelecomsXChange Buyer account, if you don't have account signup here.
  2. Go to Accounts page and add your Sippy Softswitch IP in the accounts section.
  3. Go to Market View.
  4. Search for Route you want to buy, check how to use market view for details
  5. Once you found a route, you can click Purchase route by clicking on the + icon
  6. You will receive an email with IP information and Prefix to use in your Sippy Softswitch along with rates.
  7. Login to your sippy root customer interface.
  8. Go to Destination Set. 
  9. Import the rate sheet received in your email by TelecomsXChange.
  10. Go to Vendors
  11. Add new Vendor and Name it TelecomsXChange
  12. Click on Open Connections and Add new
  13. Connection Name : Enter name of carrier you purchased, for example TATA , in the Destination field: enter or 
  14. In the CLD Trs. Rule, enter the carrier prefix received in the email e.g 32770# , you will need to write s/^/32770#/ in CLD translation rule.
  15. Save and Close.
  16. Now go to Routing Groups and add the new Vendor, Connection and Destination Set. Then you can start sending traffic to TATA via TelecomsXChange.
  17. To add more vendors you purchased/interconnected with on TelecomsXChange, go to Vendors >> TelecomsXChange >> Open Connections and add more connections.