Direct Voice/VoIP and TDM Termination to Jordan

Jordan has 9.456 million (2016) population with one of the highest mobile phone users in the middle east (up to 70% of Jordanians owns one or more mobile phone), The trc has recently blocked most OTT Voice Applications such as Viber, WhatsApp, Imo and others in order to recover the Voice International termination income that the country was generating before the trending apps became so popular.

TelecomsXChange has over 500 Wholesale Voice Termination interconnections world-wide with voice carriers, country managers have specific knowledge and experience in termination services via VoIP and SS7 into Jordan, TelecomsXChange serves carriers and OTTs that are looking for legal termination into Jordan with the highest call quality.

Our team and innovative solutions monitor call quality such as ASR, ACD (ALOC), PDD, CLI Delivery 24x7 to ensure the highest call quality into Jordan.

If you're looking for a reliable Wholesale Termination provider into Jordan please follow below steps to get started in no time:-

  • Whitelist your System IP Address by adding it in Accounts section

  • Go to Market View

  • Search for Prefix [962] and click submit

  • Choose carrier from list [Orange, Zain, Umniah]

  • Click Purchase Route

  • Check your email for IP/Prefix Information

  • Start Sending Calls.