is the fastest growing Telco/VoIP Exchange  platform in 2018.

What is TelecomsXChange Platform ?

We  at TelecomsXChange have established our business on the founding principle that buyers and suppliers should be connected directly, while having objective intelligence gathering and performance monitoring captured and published openly. Although every other platform keeps the buyer and seller at arms length, TelecomsXChange does not interfere and encourages direct communication and support. We provide the tools for both parties to make the most informed and risk-free decisions, encouraging more carriers and service providers to trade over the market place.Our management and carrier relations team have over 30 years in the telecommunications industry. 

Only well established companies are authorized to sell their routes through TelecomsXChange. We challenge our sellers to maintain quality and provide the best value in their routes through our featured Review & Ratings system. You may purchase with confidence when the profile of our trusted sellers reflect long-term historical statistics of their performance, as well as, the ratings determined by our proprietary technology using complicated algorithms for Qos measurements.

Support speed is unbeatable, TelecomsXChange provides a direct messaging engine between buyers and sellers. The buyer can negotiate directly with the seller for better rates, quality and/or service. 

Our mission is to utilize a transparent platform to build the central database for businesses and governments around the world to view history of rates and focus on how to build a healthier market for the worldwide telecom industry.

If you are interested in learning more or joining our VoIP Exchange and Open trading platform, please complete the free online application.

TelecomsXChange has been one of the first minutes trading platforms to be granted an FCC 214, License # :ITC-214-20150519-00126 .

Why is it the hottest Telecom Startup in 2018 ?

The reason why most companies that utilize Voice services choose TelecomsXChange is a combination of things that the self-service platform has to offer such as :

Time Saving: It takes minutes instead of years to interconnect with a tier1 or tier2 carrier via TelecomsXChange
Cost Savings: TelecomsXChange is the only voice provider that doesn't profit on minutes therefore the buyer gets the same rate as offered by the seller without any commission or fees in the middle
Self-Service: Users have 24x7 access to billing and to market view which allows them to buy and sell and view reports anytime of the day, 7 days a week.
Variety of options: TelecomsXChange has over 500 carriers to date on it, which means with a single 10$ top-up you get wholesale pricing and you can terminate voice traffic to any carrier on the platform including TATA, Viber, IBASIS, STC and others
No Complicated contracts: Our signup and interconnection process takes around 3 minutes to complete and you're all set