How to make phone calls from RasPI (RasberryPi) ? 

TelecomsXChange is a platform that allows any SIP protocol-enabled device to connect to its network and send calls to any destination in the world at wholesale rates and by billing per second, not per minute. We have worked with the IncrediblePBX open-source project to bring you a pre-configured TelecomsXChange SIP Trunk, so you can initiate calls from your IoT device or any Raspberry Pi-based project in minutes.

Incredible PBX is a secure and feature-rich implementation of the Asterisk PBX. By rethinking the PBX security model from the ground up, Incredible PBX was engineered to provide rock-solid security while delivering the most comprehensive collection of Asterisk utilities available on the planet. For more details on this open source project, visit

Setting up IncrediblePBX with RasPi

  1. Install the IncrediblePBX image on your Raspberry Pi by following the instructions on the IncrediblePBX website.
  2. Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet and configure your network settings.
  3. Register an account with TelecomsXChange and set up your SIP trunk using the provided credentials.
  4. Configure your SIP client on your Raspberry Pi to use the TelecomsXChange SIP trunk.
  5. You're ready to start making calls from your Raspberry Pi!

Use Cases

  • IoT projects that require voice communication capabilities
  • Automated voice response systems
  • Home automation systems that require voice interaction
  • Projects that require remote voice control
  • Interactive voice-controlled entertainment systems

With TelecomsXChange, you can easily and securely connect your Raspberry Pi to the global voice network and enjoy wholesale rates for your calls. By using IncrediblePBX, you can take advantage of a secure and feature-rich implementation of Asterisk PBX. Together, they provide a powerful platform for your voice communication needs.

Download IncrediblePBX for RasPI below: