How is TelecomsXChange un-risky by design ?

TelecomsXChange has very low risk for both VoIP buyers and sellers on the platform, this is an important question that we get asked alot everyday and we're glad that you asked it.

in this brief article we will be explaining to you how TelecomsXChange VoIP Trading platform design provides you with lowest risk when buying or selling voice termination routes on the market today.

Why is it not risky for buyers ? 

  • There is no minimum amount to top-up, so you can top up any amount between $1.00 -> $100,000

  • Money is not released to sellers/vendors unless is you utilize their service (After you send traffic to them)

  • Money is held and secured at TelecomsXChange Bank Of America bank account until paid to seller/vendor

  • Buyers are not required to keep a minimum balance or top-up a certain amount to get wholesale rates

  • There is no commitment or volume required, all members get same prices offered by sellers regardless of volume

  • Anytime money bank guaranteed for amount available in your wallet (un-used funds) can always be refunded upon request (bank charges and fees may apply depending on where we're sending money) regardless of amount

Why is it not risky for sellers ? 

  • Sellers can request payouts hourly, daily, every minute as long as the seller balance is above Zero, so you never have to risk high credit limits to TelecomsXChange
  • There is no minimum amount to request payout, Sellers can request a payout for any amount between available in seller balance
  • Seller balance is calculate in real-time, as soon as your routes start terminating traffic your seller balance will increase and you can request a payout as along as your balance is above $0.00 USD.
  • Money is released immediately to your business bank account, PayPal or Payoneer upon request, no need to wait for 7 days or specific dates to request your money
  • You never have to give the buyer the credit, TelecomsXChange is the only party you have to deal with on the exchange
  • TelecomsXChange has 100% credit standing and is verified by the U.S credit system, you can lookup our EIN & D&B numbers for more details
  • TelecomsXChange is licensed by the F.C.C and you can always check our status there in realtime
  • TelecomsXChange has paid out hundreds of carriers along the years, we can provide you with hundreds of trade references upon request

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