This article explains the steps to configure an interconnection between an application and the TelecomsXChange (TCXC) SMPP Exchange server using version 5.0 of the SMPP protocol. Note that version 3.3 is not supported.

To establish a connection, you will need the following parameters:

  • System_id: Unique username provided by TCXC for each client.
  • Password: Provided by TCXC for each client.
  • IP/Host address: You can use either of the following primary and secondary connection points:
  • Port: 2776 (primary and secondary) none TLS - For TLS use port 4776 (recommended).
  • timeout: 30 seconds (keep alive or msg)
  • Tech Prefix (optional)

You can bind as transceiver. To receive delivery reports, you must bind as a transceiver. Delivery reports will only be sent if your route provides delivery reporting, and they will be sent over all currently available sessions that are capable of receiving them (transceiver or receiver).

The delivery report format is as follows:

message_payload: { message: 'id:cc5967ad-b1a7-4879-98f1-6293ec89179f sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:1902281818 done date:1902281818 stat:DELIVRD err:0 text:' }, network_error_code: <Buffer 03 00 00>, message_state: 2, receipted_message_id: 'cc5967ad-b1a7-4879-98f1-6293ec89179f' }

Possible delivery report statuses include:


Check out Understanding SMPP Protocol to learn more.