TelecomsXChange API Authentication

Each API access call must be authenticated. In this API , there are 3 (three) HTTPS parameters are required to be supplied to verify the authenticity of the API caller:

  1. Parameter name: “ts”, value: current unix timestamp of the call.

  2. Parameter name: “api_login”, value: your buyer login in TCXC.

  3. Parameter name: “signature”, value: signature of the request which is a SHA256 hash of the concatenated string of the controller name, the API key  is generated from TCXC portal under preferences option, the TCXC buyer login and the string value of the unxi timestamp associated with the request. 

Generating signature (PHP example):

$signature = hash( 'sha256', $controller .  $api_key   . $api_login  . $ts);

Sample Signature Error API Response:

    "error": "Wrong signature",
    "status": "fail"

If you have any issues with this secure API Authentication method, please contact us.