TelecomsXChange is a platform that allows buyers to purchase telecom services from a variety of providers. One of the convenient features of the platform is the ability to recharge a TelecomsXChange buyer account instantly using a credit or debit card. This is the fastest way to get funds immediately available in the account, allowing buyers to make purchases without delay. Other options for recharging the account may also be available, depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the buyer. Regardless of the method chosen, TelecomsXChange makes it easy for buyers to get the funds they need to make purchases on the platform.

You can recharge TelecomsXChange buyer account  in several ways instantly, fastest way to get funds immediately in the account is using credit or debit card.

1- Login to TCXC buyer console

2- Click on recharge icon next to your balance located on the page.

4- Choose Stripe

5- Enter amount you wish to recharge.

6- Enter your card information and complete top-up.